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专业领域: 房地产开发转让 公司法、房地产法 国际贸易法、海商法 国际贸易和海商海事纠纷仲裁 公司投资、改制重组、收购兼并

  • 1987 - 2004年 海军航空兵部法律顾问处
  • 1987 - 2004 Legal Counsel in Naval Air Force
  • 2005 - 2010年 北京市宽信律师事务所
  • 2005 - 2010 Beijing Kuanxin Law Firm
  • 2010  - 至今     北京市金台律师事务所
  • 2010  - To date Beijing Jintai Law Firm

  • 执业三十多年来,参与处理了一系列重大的涉及国家和军队利益的案件,如中美撞机事件,上海社保基金案,空军上海某机场开发建设项目等;
  • Over the past 30 years legal practice, Ms Liu involved in many high profile cases concerning the national and military interests, such as the military aircraft collision accident between the China and US, the Shanghai social security fund case and the Air Force base development and construction in Shanghai.
  • 成功代理了比较有影响的案件近百起,挽回直接经济损失上亿元,如北京百富国际大厦预售合同纠纷案,中国船舶总公司科研纠纷案,黑龙江省中和国际经贸公司粮食购销案,海军某部作战指挥网络系统集成纠纷案等;
  • Successfully represented and defended nearly 100 influential cases and recovered more than a billion dollars of direct economic losses for clients, such as, Dispute of Sales Engagement Contract of Byford International Building, Technology Research Dispute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, Grain Purchase Contract issue of Helongjiang Zhonghe International Trading Company, Dispute of Battle  Commanding Network Systems Integration of a department of Navy.
  • 处理有关公司投资股权置换,银行抵押贷款,房地产项目开发和交易,上海世博会VTS系统项目等非诉法律事务数百项;
  • Completed hundreds of non-litigation cases such as Corporate Investment on Equity Exchange, Bank Loan with mortgage, Real Estate Project Development and Trade, and Shanghai World Expo VTS project system. 
  • 善于处理和维系与有关部门的业务关系,确保为客户提供更优质和高效的法律服务。
  • Excellent in dealing with and maintain business relations with related departments to secure adequate and efficient legal service for clients.
  • 2002年主编《海军部队法制宣传教育讲课材料》
  • Chief  Editor of lecture material of “Navy Legal Publicity and Education”(2002)
  • 1999年编写《军队律师办案一百例》
  • Edited “One Hundred Cases in Military Lawyer's Legal Practice” in 1999
  • 1996年编写《中华人民共和国民事法律实务全书》
  • Edited  the “Practice of Civil Law of PR China” in 1996. 
  • 1994合著《中华人民共和国法律责任》
  • Co-edited the "Legal Responsibility in PR China" in 1994
  • 1997年-2000年 中国人民大学法学院  法律硕士
  • 1997 – 2000   Law School of Renmin University of China, Master in Law
  • 1983年-1987年 南开大学法学系  法学学士
  • 1983 – 1987   Law School of Nankai University,Bachelor in Law
  • 2010年被中国交通企业管理协会授予首届全国交通企业法治先进个人称号。
  • In 2010, China Enterprise Management Association granted as the Legal Professional Pioneer in the First National Transportation Enterprise Law Practice Campaign. 
  • 2008年代表北京律师协会参加服务奥运法律活动受到协会表彰。
  • Participated in Olympic Legal Service Activities as the representative of Beijing Lawyers Association and received commendation by the Association in 2008.
  • 2001年代表解放军队参加“首届全国律师辩论大赛”获得优秀辩手奖。
  • Participated in the First National Lawyers Debate Competition as the representative of Military Lawyers and obtained the Award of outstanding debaters in 2001.
  • 1998年作为军队律师代表,事迹入选司法部举办的“改革大潮中的中国律师”展览。
  • Achievements of Ms Liu, as the representative of Military lawyers, was exhibited of “Chinese Lawyers in Reform” held by the Ministry of Justice in1998.
  • 1997年被总部和海军评为军队优秀律师
  • Rewarded as the Outstanding Military Lawyer by the PLA headquarter and Navy in 1997.